Music for Chakra Meditation (Audio CD)

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Sudhakar Ganesh Muthu Super Audio (2004)
From the CD:

Music for Chakra Meditation

Chakars are subtle centres of psychic energy that cannot b seen with the physical eyes. In their grosser vibrations, the chakras control the various organs and nerves of the physical body surrounding them. Each of the chakras has a swara and raga that awakens it. This valuable album presents you the music by which you can heighten the positive vibrations of the chakras, increase your creative force in every way and find fulfillment in life.

“This world behind is made of truer stuff than the manufactured tissue of earth’s grace there we can walk and see the gods go by And sup from hebe’s cup nectar enough to make us heavingly limbs and deathless face”

In accordance to the above words of Sri Aurobindo, the awakening of the chakras enables one to climb the spiritual ladder.

1. Bilawal- Mooladhara Chakra
2. Yaman- Swadhishthana Chakra
3. Malkauns- Manipooraka Chakra
4. Bhairav- Anahata Chakra
5. Jai Jai Vanthi- Vishuddhi Chakra
6. Bageswari- Ajna Chakra
7. Darbari Kanada- Sahasraara Chakra
8. Information on Chakra Meditation

Music: Sudhakar, Ganesh Muthu
Flute: Sudhakar
Sitar: Ganesh Muth
Keyboard: S. Satish
Concept and Narration: Vamanan, Sound Engineer: Bob

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