The Musical Tradition of Rajasthan (The Langas) (Audio CD)

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Mystica Music (2009)
About the CD

Lively and joyous! Such is the musical tradition of Rajasthan. Evolved from the beauty of deserts and dignity of royalty, the music of Rajasthan has been dominating the Indian music and winning hearts of people for centuries. It is diverse, rich, passionate, and represents the myriad colours and nature of the region.

The captivating melody of folk songs mingled with the serene tunes of Sindhi Sarangi, in this album; offer an awe inspiring experience to the listener. The musical tradition of Rajasthan by Ismail Khan Langa, presents the magic weaved by the mesmerizing melody of Sindhi Sarangi and Dholak. This album adds sparkle to the rich folklore and culture of Rajasthan, making it a treasured jewel in Indian music.

Ismail Khan Langa

Ismail Khan Langa belongs to the ancient tradition of age old Langa family of Rajasthan. Traditionally their ancestors, professional musicians, were invited by the royal families to perform at weddings, childbirths or other festive occasions. The distinctive feature of their group performance is the sound of oneness in the group of ten, means they sing in absolute harmony. Ismail Khan Langa along with his group has traveled all over the world giving enthralling performances and spreading the rich musical tradition of India.

1.Roop Nagar - Raga Khamati 6.44
2.kaanoodu - Raga Gundmalar4.18
3.Khimro - Raga Surat5.54
5:Ridmul - Raga Soob8.05
6.Jhedar - Raga Malhar6.07

Sindhi Sarangi - Kadar Khan & Gundu Khan
Dholak - Sakur Khan, Ismail Khan Langa Party & Family Group
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