The New Age (Naya Daur) in Colour (DVD)

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B.R. ChopraShemaroo Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. (2012)163 min. Approx
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Director: B.R. Chopra
Actor: Dilip Kumar, Vyjantimala, Ajit, Johnny walker, Jeevan
Music: O. P. Nayyar
Lyrics: Sahir
Language: Hindi
Format: DVD NTSC All Region
Duration: Approx 163 Minutes

About the Artiste

Mr. B.R. Chopra was always known as a motivated director his movies spoke of social issues that needed to be touched. With a keen eye for visuals he was a master at plot development.

For Mr. Ravi Chopra he is not only his father but a guru and a man he loves and respect is more than anyone in the world.

At a time when entertainment was paramount in cinema he took the role of a crusader and always made socially relevant films. He always made films he believed in & tackled so many ills of society much before people had even started to talk about them.

In Naya Daur he took up the classic problem of Man versus Machine the script was dismissed by all the pundits lf the industry & was passed off as documentary. He went on to make the film. Naya Daur has entertained India fro the past 50 years and will continue to do so.

Dilip Kumar’s words on Mr. B.R. Chopra he reasoned with his mind & heart when he developed characters & Situations. I was always happy to accept his logic during filming.

Vyjantimala’s words on Mr B.R Chopra Naya Daur was very progressive. B.R. chopra was known for his progressive subjects. To work under him was great experience. It was a spirited role and in those times it was a powerful role to stand by the man and go through everything. It was wonderful opportunity.

A story about love, friendship & social justice, Naya Daur tells the tale of two friends, Shankar the ‘tangawala’ & Krishna the wood cutter, who turn foes over the love of Rajni, Conflicts arise when Kundan the city bred son of Seth Maganblal in his greed for quick, profits mechanizes the saw mill and brings misery to the once happy village of Karanpur. The incidents which then unfold give rise to an emotional and economic upheaval that provides the dramatic thrills and the story’s moral; that it is wrong to misuse the immense potentialities of the machine to create prosperity, by making it create money for the sake of a few and generate unhappiness and misery for thousands.

Watch the action that unfolds as Shankar unites a divided village, and how he sets about to keep his faith in winning this race between man and machine.

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Unforgettable Scenes and Memorable Melodies

1. C.C/ Title
2. Shankar and Krishna
3. Song 1: Yeh Desh ha Veer
4. Rajni Meets Shankar
5. Shankar Rescues Krishna
6. Romance with Rajni
7. Song 2: Maang ke saath
8. New Machinery for Saw Mill
9. Song 3: Ude Jab Jab Zulfen….
10. Workers lose Their Job
11. Manju’s Marriage plan
12. Shankar & Krishna Dilemma
13. Song 4: Aana Han to AA
14. End of Friendship
15. New Motor Bus Transpiration
16. Shankar Accepts the Challenge
17. Song 5: Saathi Haath Badhana
18. Song 6: Reshmi Salwar
19. Raini Saves the Bridge
20. Song 7: Main Bambai Ka Babu
21. Obstacles and the Great Support
22. Manju Reveals the Truth
23. The Race Begins
24. Happy Reunion

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