Om Namaha Shivaya: Sanskrit (Audio CD)

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Super Audio (Chennai) Pvt. Ltd. (2009)
About the CD

Recorded by – N. Gopinath
Sound Design Concept and linear notes – Vamanan

Glory to Shiva the light of knowledge who shines in the heart of the yogis by dashing the massive weight of endless darkness that afflicts the heart. All auspiciousness follows Shiva who burnt up lust in sport as if he were a moth Hail he shines with the charming rays of the crescent adorning his crest…

Shiva the name meaning auspiciousness surcharges the mind of the devotee and inundates his imagination with a flood of divine associations.

The lofty peak of Kailas looms into his vision and he sees it as a symbol of Shiva and proof of the truth of the great search for the verities of existence.

He sees Shiva as Ardhanareewara the half Shiva half Shakti form and worships it as the great unity of the male and female aspects of creation and envisions Shiva and spouse Parvati as the parents (God and his creative energy) of the universe.

The image of the matted locks of magnificent Shiva holding the tempestuous waters of the celestial Ganges to Cushion its impact as it hurtled on to earth comes to mind… the divine power of intercession for the wellbeing the earth.

The shining blue neck of Neelakantha Signals Shiva’s rescue act of drinking the gushing flood of hellish poison when the gods churned the milky ocean for nectar. Shiva the savior.

Shiva manifests as the pillar of fire without beginning or end… Shiva the infinite!.

One foot up signs of the five fold act connected with creation replete on his four arms Shiva dances the Cosmic Dances… Find out the dancing foot and the tinkling bells within yourself and the fetters fall!.<> Sitting under the magnificent Banyan of phenomenal existence Shiva teaches the wisdom of eternal truth through the language of eloquent silence.

To call seekers to the threshold within Shiva manifests in temples as the Linga… the sign of the divine…the minimal form to draw adores to the occanic experience to the peace that surpasses all understanding from the dewdrop of devotion to the flood of exultant delight.

Shiva is Aashutosha the Godhead who is quick to be pleased he calls you to his sanctum he gives you unending bliss.

1. Divine Names of Shiva (From Mahabharata Prema Rangarajan)
2. Mrityunjaya Mantra P. Umnikrishnan
3. Omkara Sudha Raghnathan
4. Sri Rudram Excerpt Dr. R. Thyagarajan and Vedic Scholars
5. Shiva Gayatri Dr. R. Thyagaraja and Vedic Scholars
6. Sri Dakhinamurthe Muthuswami Dikhitar song Refrain – Sandeep Narayan
7. Natesha Gayatri Dr. R. Thyagarajan and Vedic Scholars
8. Holy Names of Shiva Dr. R. Thyagarajan and Vedic Scholars

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