Sanaischara Sahasranamam - Sanaischara Mantras Sanskrit (Audio CD)

Item Code: ICQ062
R. Thiagarajan Sanskrit Scholars Super Audio (2007)
From the CD:

Sanaischara (Sanskrit- “Slow Mover”) is reputed to be both, a giver and destroyer. Prayers to Sanaischara alleviate problems and worries. Of all the nine planets, Sanaischara, the off spring of Surya and Chaaya, inspires the most awe. This is because he is said to hold sway over a person quotes fortune throughout their lives. In Vedic astrology, Saturn represents a loss of awareness, or ignorance. Saturn is a Karaka, or indicator of longevity, misery, sorrow, old age and death, discipline, restriction, responsibility, delays, ambition, leadership and authority, humility, integrity and organization, reality and time itself. Starting from the position of this planet in the horoscope to the corresponding placement of other planets, Lord Sani is believed to influence the course of one quotes life. Sanaischara resides in each Rasi for a period of 30 months. When Sanaischara resides in 12th, Ist and 2nd house, it is 7.5 Naatu Sani when in the 4th house, it is Ardhastama Sani; when in the 8th house, it is Ashtama Sani, During these periods, he trebles the native. Problems from Government, wife, children, slowdown in business, loss of property, diseases are indicative of the transit of Sani. In person/rquotes life 7.5 Naatu Sani aspects thrice, the first is called Mangu Sani, the second, Pongu Sani and the third is called Marana Sani. Sanaischara is a beneficient “Graha”. Any adverse effect is due to placement in an individual horoscope which could be overcome by worshipping him.

1. Sri Sanaischara Gayathri
2. Sri Sanaischara Sahasranamam
3. Sri Sanaischara Stotram
4. Sri Sanaischara Kavacham
5. Sri Sanaischara Ashtakam
6. Sri Sanaischara Ashtottara Satanamavalli
7. Sri Sanaischara Mangalam

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