Shri Hanuman Prarthana: The Complete Prayer (Set of 2 Audio CD)

Item Code: IDC034
Pandit Hariprasad ChaurasiaMusic Today (2006) 113 Minutes 83 Seconds
About the CD

This album of Prarthana Shri Hanuman features all the most important and popular shlokas, chants and prayers on the Lord of bhakti and devotion. Shri Hanuman, also known as Pavan- Putra (Deity of the wind) is considered to be the 11th avatar of Shri Shiva. Known for His wisdom, devotion to Shri Rama and Valour, He has always been associated with the act of surrendering oneself to the Almighty. The music in this album, composed by the legendary flute maestro Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia brings out these very divine aspects of the Lord. The music evokes the feeling of complete surrender and upliftment, which are qualities Shri Hanuman is known for:

The album is a devotional offering to the Lord with a divine musical experience.

Prarthana Series

Prarthana is the first of its kind series, offering the listener a complete devotional experience comprising all prayers and chants that will fulfils the spiritual offering to God. Compsoed by legends Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia and Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma, every album in this series of 10 albums is dedicated to one deity alone and covers all aspects of a daily prayers. Divinely high on melody, Prarthana is the most deeply researched and exhaustive spiritual series available.

Guidance on text has been given by Sanskrit Schlor Professor Vachaspati Maudgalya & on Pronunciation by Dr. B.P.Vyas


1Shri Hanuman Gayatri1:20
2Shri Hanumat Stotram8:04
3Shri Hanumat Stavana6:00
4Sankata Mochana Hanumanashtakam6:23
5Shri Hanman Chalisa9:51
6Shri Bajrang Baan8:14
7Shri Vedanala Stotram5:49
8Shri Hanumat Kavacham7:26
1Shri Hanumadashtakam9:01
2Shri Hanuman Bahuk39:52
3Shri Hanumanji Ki Aarti9:15
4Prarthana Bhajan4:30
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