Sri Durga Sahasra Namavali (Sanskrit) (Audio CD)

Item Code: ICR500
Ponduri Prasad SharmaAbirami
About the CD

Durga the wife of Shiva and a divine mother she is the mother who is in a rage to protect her children from danger. She was produced from the radiance of all the gods and represents the unified forces of light. Shiva gave her a Tirshool. Vishnu gave her a Chakra, Varuna gave her a shank Marut gave her the bow and arrow, Indra gave her the thunderbolt, Yama lord of death gave her a scepter Brahma gave her a water pot, kala lord of time, gave her the sword and shield. Vishwakarma gave her an axe and armore and the sun god gave her his radiance. Thus durga is and radiance and becomes an invincible warrior a goddess who destroys evill.

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