Sri Gayatri Prarthana: The Complete Prayer (Set of 2 Audio CDs)

Item Code: IDC027
Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma Music Today(2007) 91 Minutes 78 Second
About the CD

Prarthana is a devotional offering, a complete prayer to our Gods, our ‘ishta devata-s’.

Prarthana is an album series that offers the listener a complete devotional experience comprising prayers and chants that will fulfill the spiritual offering of devitees to God. Every album is a compendium of Gayatri, Kavach, Stotras, Chalisa, Namavali, Aarti, Kshama Prarthana and much more. Every alone and covers all aspects of a daily prayer.

Extremely high on melody and Divine expression, this album has been composed by legend Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma. Guidance on text & pronumciation has been given by Sanskrit scholar Pfofessor Vachaspati Maudgalya.

Prarthana is the most deeply researched and exhaustive spiritual series available.


CD 1
1 Shri Gayatri Mahamantra Chorus04:07
2 Shri Gayatri Stotram Sadhna Sargam & Suresh Wadkar08:58
3 Shri Gayatri Kavacham-I Ravindra Sathe, Suresh Wadkar & Devki Pandit04:54
4 Brihadaarannyakopanishat Se Shri Gayatri Upasana- Ravinder Sathe05:53
5 Shri Gayatri Chalisa Sadhna Sargam, Suresh Wadkar & Chorus12:06
CD 2
1 Shri Gayatri Haridayam- Devki Pandit & Ravindra Sathe08:26
2 Shri Gayatri Kavachama-II Chorus04:52
3 Shri Gayatri Panjara Stotram- Suresh Wadkar & Devki Pandit11:11
4 Shri Gayatriji Ki Aarti- Sadhna Sargam & Chorus04:55
5 Kshama Prarthana- Sadhna Sargam03:39
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