Surya Namaskar (DVD)

Item Code: IZZ239
Rashmi RameshTimes Wellness(2012)52 minutes
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One Surya Namaskar stetches, stenghtens and tones your body.
One Surya Namaskar stimulates your cardiovascular, digestive &-endocrine system
One Surya Namaskar improves flexibility, alignment, posture, balance & circulation.
One Surya Namaskar energises your body & instills serenity in your mind
One Surya Namaskar has an impact on the all the energy centres (chakras) in your body
One Surya Namaskar makes you aware that you should have started earlier...
Imagine what 24 Surya Namaskars Can Do!

Language: English
All Regions
Audio: Stereo

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