Tulsi-Vivaha Tulasi’s Wedding (Devotional Drama Series Hindi w/English subtitles) (DVD Video)

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Touchstonemedia(Color, 135 Minutes)
About the DVD

Offended by the prideful Indra, Lord Shiva creates the demon Jalandhar, destined to destroy the demigods. According to prophecy. Jalandhar marries the pious Vrinda, whose great chastity makes the demon unconquerable. Only when God himself tricks Vrinda out of her chastity by taking on an illusory form of her husband, can Jalandhar be defeated.

Vrinda-devi, accusing the Lord of being stone-hearted, curses Him to become a stone (Shalagrama) and burns herself to ashes. In honor of the saintly Vrinda, Lord Vishnu makes her immortal by causing a plant to grow from her ashes (Tulasi). “Every year on this day, the wedding of Tulasi and Shalagrama will be celebrated. Still, Tulasi, you will be considered single.

Movies in this Series:

D1 This is Life
D2 Mahabharata
D3 Malik
D4 Hari Darshan
D5 Sita’s Wedding
D6 Tulsi Das
D7 The Adventures of Rama
D8 Haridas Thakur
D9 Gopal Krishna
D10 Nimai of Nadia
D11 Nilachal Mahaprabhu
D12 Dhruva Maharaja
D13 Lord Ganesh
D14 Western Ramayana & Nandulal
D15 Tulasi’s Wedding
D16 Madhvacarya
D17 Sant Tukaram
D18 Krishna & Sudama
D19 Meera
D20 Lava & Kusa
D21 Valmiki
D22 Harishcandra
D23 Bilvamangal Thakur
D24 Ramanujacarya
D25 Three & Half Diamonds
D26 Bajarangabali Hanuman
D27 Maya Bazaar
D28 Deepavali
D29 Sri Venkateswara Mahatmyam
D30 Sri Edukomali Swami
D31 Sant Sakhu
D32 Sant Dnyaneshwar

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