Wine of the Mystic: Mystical Strings of Sarod (Audio CD)

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Anupam ShobhakarTimes Music (2006)
About the CD

Mystical Strings of Sarod by Anupam Shobhakar

The album wine of the mystic aims to capture or rather liberate culturally sophisticated ideas of occidental harmony melody and rhythm it stirs the deep vast ocean of Indian Raga Music to draw from the beautiful note combinations and permutations of north Indian classical music. It even combines the robust art form of Spanish flamenco with Sarod making Raga Bhairavi blend and fuse with Spanish rhythms and chords. The core idea of the album is that virtuosity and sophisticated musical rendering has the power to cut across cultural boundaries with the highest level of musical honesty. A fiery display of rigorous training and talim in various musical disciplines that touches the souls of the listeners makes this album special. Enjoy the fusion of sounds and rhythms ranging from afro to thumri Dhrupad to Jazz and Spanish flamenco to folk sounds. Feel this music painting shades of relaxation on your soul as it cuts across language country cast and creed like the mystic prophets. Let wine of the mystic be your companion in your all good times and bad.

Composed arranged Midi music programming – Anupam Shobhakar

Sarod Electric and Acoustic Guitarsm Hand Percussion – Anupam Shobhakar

Vocals on track 3 – Sangeeta Lahiri
Bol Padhant, Konnakol – Aniruddha Shirke
Sufi, Ghazal and Thumri lyrics on track 3 – Rajesh Singh
Carnatic violin on track 2 – Suresh Padmanabhan
Sitar – Ravindra Chari

Additional sounds and chants used were recorded in the forest of Chattishgrah

1Alongside the rivers
2Three Days
3This day was many years ago
4Autumn Leaves
5An Ode to a stranger
6An Ode to stranger Part II
7Wine of the mystic
Composed, Arranged Midi Music Programming – Anupam Shobhakar
Sarod Electric and acoustic Guitars Hand Percussion – Anupam Shobhakar

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