Wisdom Bliss For Acquiring Various Skills And Knowledge: Vedic Mantras Rendered with Perfection (Audio CD)

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Saregama (2009)
About the CD

Music : Shri Anoor Anantha Krishan Sharma

Hearing Wanders Series.

Vedic Mantras rendered with perfection

Conceptualized and crafted by Shri K Suresh, M.Com, ACA, ACS, AICWA, PGDGTM, DHA-astrology, learning the Veda (s)

What is Special?
Normally in any audio two voices will be merged and channellised in both the speakers. Here we are giving the two voices separately to demonstrate and highlight the synchronization and clarity in recitation.

The perfect 3D Sound viz. the pitch (Sruti) alignment of letters & Swara (Intonation) are maintained throughout.

You will be delighted to note the depth punch aggressiveness with force clarity and breathless recitation though the words are very long and difficult to recite.

You can feel the Jeeva (life) in all recitation since it is coming from Nabhi (Abdomen) of the person who recites this.

Wisdom Bliss The Melodious Mantra Aano Bhadra of Sukla Yajur Veda will bestow the Benefit of Acquiring various skills and knowledge good health and long life.

1. Introduction and Highlight about the CD(Shri K. Suresh)
2. Ganapati Stuthi (Shri K. Suresh)
3. Ganapati Stuthi – Ghana Paatha Form (Shri K. Suresh)
4. Aano Bhadra – Veda Samhita Mantra (Shri K. Suresh)
5. Raayo Bhadra – Ghana Paatha (Shri K. Suresh)

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