World Hindu Chants II (Global Interpretations) (With Booklet Inside) (Audio CD)

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Times music Spiritual(2008)
About the CD

Hindu Dharma’s greatest gift to mankind is the thought that declares that there is no one religion that teaches an exclusive road to salvation. The Bhagvad Gita declares, “In whatever way they find [human beings] love Me (God), in the same way they find My love. Various are the ways for them, but in the end they all come to Me.” (BG 4.11)

The unmistakable central chord that vibrates throughout the vast tradition and literature of Hinduism is the power of the mantra. The mantra may be just a name, naama, the name of a deity enshrined in a temple or of an avataara of God or of God without a form.

This collection is a cornucopia of mantras that are like streamlined poems, densely packed with meaning, elegance and grace. They talk of the Lord’s names, glories and splendours. The names of God have been given great sanctity by the Vedas – they contribute to the significance of the mantras.

World Hindu Chants II carries forward the tradition of the Sanatana Dharam and reveals the significance, power and university of Hinduism.


1. Maha Ganapati Mool Mantra
2. Om Namoh Narayana
3. Krishna Manohar
4. Shiva Shambho
5. Om Trayambakam
6. Om Asatoma Sadgamaya
7. Jay Shree Krishna
8. Om Shanti Om

CD Bonus Tracks
9. Guru
10. Sita Ram

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