World Music Masters (Set of 5 Audio CDs)

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Various ArtistsMusic Today (2010)265 Minutes
About the CD

Ayaan Ali Khan
Bickram Ghosh
Rahul Sharma
Taufiq Qureshi
Amaan Ali Khan
Rakesh Chaurasia

CD 1 Passion amaan ali khan & Ayaan Ali Khan
2Flames of love04:52
3The Magic of touch06:35
4Melting hearts06:30
5Misty Lanes 05:45
6The Moment05:29
7Angles of love 05:14
CD 2 Bombay Fever - Taufiq Qureshi
2Tracks on fire05:54
3Rhythms of Bollywood05:39
4Spirit of Mumbai08:10
6Mumbai Rain07:46
7nightlife 05:21
8Gateway (au revoir)04:58
CD 3 Drum invasion Bickram Ghosh
2The Tribe of Zeba06:04
3The Sacrifice04:36
4Talking drums02:28
6Hands and sticks featuring Greg Ellison on drums 09:55
7Megha 05:58
8Pancha dharma featuring V. Suresh on ghatam11:06
9Tabla Naad05:02
CD 4 Mystic Sound Scapes wind - Rakesh Chaurasia
2Breath of life08:02
3Gentle breeze (assam in rhythm)08:05
4Vell of the moist waft06:20
5The Purifier 09:33
6See Breeze (all instrument sounds created on flute)05:39
8Walking in the Breeze08:00
9Wind blown night07:11
10The Winds of love (romantic)05:16
CD 5 Samandar world Beneath the Ocean - Rahul Sharma
1Mistress of the sea06:25
2Curse of the Mermaid14:32
3Coral Reefs06:59
4See Horses & Treasures 09:06
5Deep Sea Divers06:14
6Legends of the sea goddess07:39
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