Yoga and Pilates Workout - Healthy Back: Revolutionary Approach to Pilates and Power yoga (Volume-5) (DVD)

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Miranda Mattig KumarShethia Audio Video Pvt. Ltd. (2013)45 min. Approx
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Catlouge no: SAVD 1945 Language: English
Duration: 45 min. Approx
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Format: DVD

About The DVD

Back pain, every 3rd. adult, suffers form it. The most common cause is a weak core. This DVD is the first in a series, of the rapeutical DVD’s using Pilates and Yoga exercises, which are recognized and approved as therapies, by health insurances and other medical authorities the world around.

Swiss Pilates and Yoga has put together an easy to follow routine that can be performed from the comfort of your home. It consists of three chapters, focusing on making a more “flexible you” by strengthening your abdominal muscles, the cylindric muscles of your diaphragm, your pelvic floor, relaxing your vertebrae, and stretching your hamstrings, while improving your posture.

A Flexible back is a Healthy Back! Please consult your Medical Doctor before starting any physical exercise.

About The Artist

Miranda Mattig Kumar has a licence in “advanced exercise science, rehabilitation and working with specific individuals” from Randwick University, Sydney. She also has a diploma from “Pilates Living-well”, Sydney, BASI in Milan and her hatha yoga certification with the international Association of Yoga Sinanda in Galicia, Spain. As a certified dance and aerobic teacher, she has more than 10 years international experience, personal training and teaching human movement.

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