Ram Lila - The Ramayana Game

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Explanation of The Terms in The Rule Card

Title Cards carry the Titles of each section :
1. Ritual Fire Worship
2. Breaking the Bow
3. Bound by a Promise
4. Crowning of slippers
5. Incitement
6. Abduction
7. Pact
8. Giving of the Ring
9. Terrible War
10. Coronation

Character Cards carry the names of the characters involved in each Episode.

Simple Game For Beginners
Deal 10 cards to each player. Each player makes sets matching the code words given in the top left corner of the cards. Each set must hava a minimum of 3 cards with the same code word. Sri Ram Cards can be part of any set. The Player who makes sets with the 10 cards first is the winner.


Rules (Vidhi)

This Ramayana game has 104 Cards as follows:
100 cards divided into 10 groups of 10 cards each.
4 Sri Ram Picture cards that can fit in any set.
2 Title cards, 2 Character Cards, 2 Question Cards, 2 Story Cards, 2 Picture Cards. In each group, 5 cards are with colour borders and 5 without colour borders.
Each Group is identified by a Code Word.
The Code Words are: Yogya, Vivah, Vakpalan, Paduka , Prerana, Apaharan, Sandhi, Anguliyaka, Yuddh, Pattabhisek.
1. Read ‘Legend of Ram’ aloud to all players.
2. Mi x all the 104 cards together. Give 10 cards to each player. Keep remaining cards face down on table.
3. Players must make matching sets. Make sets by matching their Code Words.
4. Minimum number for a set -3 cards. Identical Cards such as 2 Title, 2 Story, 2 Character, or 2 Question, or 2 Picture cards with the same Code Word cannot be used in a set.
5. A player must discard one card and pick up a fresh one from the pile. A discarded card can be picked up only by the immediate next player, or he can take a fresh card from the pile.
6. “Sri Ram” Pictures cards can replace any card in any set.
7. The goal is to get SRI RAM JAI RAM. The player who makes set out of all his 10 cards first win 1 Round.
8. NORMAL TRACK: You can win in 4 rounds, using both colour and non colour border cards in the first round you get SRI, followed by RAM, JAI,RAM in subsequent rounds.
Fast Track: You can win in 2 rounds if you make all sets only with cards that have no colour border. You get SRI RAM in the first round and then “ JAI RAM” in a subsequent round.
SUPER FAST TRACK :You can win the game in 1 round. Collect one each of the following 5 Story cards+5 Picture Cards- Vakpalan, Apaharan, Sandhi, Yudh, Pattabhishek. You can collect either colour border or non colour border cards. Only these 5 code words are allowed for Superfast Track. You Win “ SRI RAM JAI RAM” in one token.
9. Whenever a player gets a question card he must read it out to the next player. If this player answers correctly he can throw down any card and take a card from the top of the Pile. This is in addition to the card he exchanges during the course of the game. If he answers wrongly, the questioner gets a chance to take a fresh card.
10. The Final winner must narrate all the 10 major events of the Ramayan before he is accepted as the winner. Legend is given along with the rules. If he is unable to say the story, he can read the story and try again when his turn comes next, if no other player wins meanwhile.

Legend of Rama

1. Dasarath, king of Ayodhya, performed ritual fire worship desiring a son as an heir. Four sons were born and Ram was the eldest.
2. Sita’s father king Janak arranged a contest before giving his daughter Sita in marriage. Ram alone, among all the princes, was able to string the Bow of Shiva. Ram married Sita.
3. Dasarath decided to appoint Ram as his successor. Kaikeyi, his youngest queen reminded him of 2 promises he had given her. She demanded that her son Bharat should become king and Ram banished to the forest for 14 years. Ram, Sita and Lakshman went away to the forest. Dasarath died of grief.
4. Bharat rejected the throne and followed Ram to the forest. Ram was adamant in his resolve. Bharat installed Ram’s slippers on the throne and ruled in the name of Ram.
5. Surpanakha, a demoness, was attracted to Ram and tried to harm Sita. Lakshman attacked her. She complained to her brother Ravan and suggested the abduction of Sita. Ravan ordered Marich to become a golden deer and entice Ram away from Sita.
6. Ram chased the golden deer. The deer faked Ram’s voice and shouted for Lakshman’s help. Finding Sita alone, Ravan came like an ascetic begging for food. Sita stepped outside the protective ring of fire and was abducted by Ravan
. 7. Ram Killed Vali, the monkey king, and made a pact with his brother Sugriv. Hanuman, minister to Sugriv, went south and flew over to Lanka looking for Sita.
8. Hanuman found Sita and gave her Ram’s ring. Ravan’s son set Hanuman’s tail on fire. Hanuman jumped on the roof tops setting Lanka ablaze.
9. Vibhishan was banished by Ravan, his brother, and joined Ram. The monkey built a bridge over the ocean and marched into Lanka. In the war, Lakshman got hurt and collapsed. Hanuman brought the Sanjivani herb and revived him. Ram defeated Ravan. Vibhishan became king of Lanka.
10. Ram returned to Ayodhya with Sita, Lakshman and Hanuman, in the aerial chariot Pushpak. Ram was crowned king of Ayodhya


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