Amber Large Pendant

Amber Large Pendant


Vintage yet trendy jewellery is what makes a woman be the star-of-the-eye. We understand your love for ethnicity in this contemporary world, so we have got this precious Amber stone pendant full of its nature of healing, balance, good luck and of course charmness. This large amber pendant with a peculiar shape has an orangish color like that of a tiger skin, which is why an amber jewel is also referred as soul of the tiger.

Its antiquity and natural beauty has been appreciated since Neolithic times; this fossilized pine tree resin gemstone is one of the most revered element across the globe, earlier worn by Roman and Greek women symbolic of fertility. As per the new ageists, amber has the power to attract good luck and positive energy and repel negative energy as the sun does which is why it is also called sun stone because of its yellow and orange hue.

Wearing this stylized pendant helps to stay calm and composed mentally that enables to boost confidence, also it cures various physical imbalances thus creating a proper work life balance. Apart from its various health benefits, this pendant also has a multipurpose astonished character of being worn by any kind and color of outfit.

Item Code: JSA27
Sterling Silver
2.0 Height
1.7 Width
38.2 gm
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