Dragon Cuff Bracelet with Faceted Oval-Cut Amethyst as the Brooch (Adjustable Size)

Dragon Cuff Bracelet with Faceted Oval-Cut Amethyst as the Brooch (Adjustable Size)


Meet with this exceptional cuff bracelet crafted with the fetching dragon with the glorious amethyst gemstone. This enticing bracelet with the unusual style mingles the dragon's mystical touch with the dazzling amethyst beauty. A perfect piece of jewel that incites your fashion taste with the magical aura. 


In Buddhism, the dragon represents power, good fortune, heaven, and creativity. It is believed that the dragons have power above the bodies of, floods, water, storms, and rain. In Chinese Buddhism, the dragon is used as a sign of enlightenment and wisdom by the artists. Now the dragon is symbolized as the guardian. The dragons adorned on the gates of the temple and at the roof represent the power of the dragon.  

Item Code: LCI83
Sterling Silver
0.7 inch Height
46 gm

The dragon bracelet with its special meaning provides good luck to the wearer. With various significations, this bracelet is magnificent. The dragon bracelet symbolizes courage, the spirit of fighting, and strength. A beautiful bracelet that expresses the deep meaning embellished with amethyst gemstone. The amethyst stone with the enticing purple color works as a natural tranquilizer. It alleviates fear, anger, anxiety, activates spiritual awareness, and also balances mood swings. With the dark purple hue and the significant dragon, this cuff bracelet is bewitching. 

A bracelet that keeps you in trend!

This designer dragon amethyst bracelet is one of the most unique styles of creativity that we at Exotic India make you avail of. Having the bands designed in utmost precision depicting the lavish body of a dragon, with the scales carved all over in layers that descend in number as it goes down. A similar stylized pattern can be seen on the other side as well. The sterling silver base adds to the charm of this bracelet with even the minutest chisels clearly visible and the superfine dragon face that seems to eat the faceted oval amethyst stone in the centre forms a great brooch to this elegant bracelet. Zoom in to notice that not just the outer layer, even the inner side of the band is striated on both sides for a beauteous look.

The shining purple amethyst gemstone in the centre is a piece of creativity and a beauty enhancer which blends amazingly with the sterling silver base to give shape to a masterpiece jewel. Wearing an amethyst in your hand is a way of regulating the immune system and maintaining a harmonious balance of emotions and physical healings. It is also said that amethyst displays its properties best when clubbed with silver which this dragon bracelet does not lack in. Its adjustable size allows it to be worn by any woman, irrespective of her size. Grab this beauteous jewel to slay it well.


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