Garuda Pendant from Nepal

Garuda Pendant from Nepal

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Look at this Garuda pendant that is infused with mystical charm and mesmerizing elegance. This Garuda pendant is crafted in Nepal by the mater of the artisan.  The Garuda symbolizes heaven and birth.


In Hindu mythology, the Garuda is a mix of human and eagle features. The Garuda is a bird creature who is the Vishnu's vehicle also called the vahana. Garuda also arrives on the god's banner and he is the snake's enemy. In Buddhism, the Garuda has 330 yojanas wingspan and they are huge predatory birds defined as social organization and intelligence. The Garuda represents the  Brahminy kite as they are huge. They are known as the king of birds. The  Garuda is also called suparṇa which means great-winged.

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The Garuda is the enemy of snakes also known as nāga. The nāga is the intelligent race of serpents. The Garuda has a figure like a kite with having good wings. The snake represents hatred and the Garuda represents openness and freedom. The Garuda comes fully grown out of the egg and is a big animal. The Garuda symbolizes spiritual energy. He represents the sun, space element, and power. As the snakes' natural enemy the Garuda can control the snakes easily.


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