Gold Plated Filigree Gau Box Pendant with Ruby Coral and Turquoise from Nepal

Gold Plated Filigree Gau Box Pendant with Ruby Coral and Turquoise from Nepal

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Set your style with this magnified gold plated pendant that showcases the gau box with slimmer ruby coral and vivacious turquoise. This alluring pendant is poised of a gau box that is a little container. The wearer can use this container to save any prayer or a letter. The gau box was used to carry magical charms, sacred relics, and served as the shrines.


This mystical pendant with the eyecatching design beaded with the precious ruby and perpetual coral. The vibrant ruby gemstone comes in pure red color to purplish-red hue. The finest ruby has an exceptional significance through time. The ruby symbolizes purity, nobility, and passion.

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Sterling Silver
2.2 inch Height, 1.4 inch width
20 gm

The lustrous coral gemstones come in red hue and others. Red coral is associated with the Mars planet. This ethereal gemstone is considered to be enriched with mysterious divine qualities. It signifies wisdom, immortality, mysterious sacred properties. It is a symbol of modesty, wisdom, immortality, and happiness. It is claimed that the coral can bring tranquility and peace to its owner. 


The turquoise stone with its alluring sea green hue symbolizes protection, hope, enlightenment, wisdom, tranquility, and good fortune. With its healing properties, the turquoise stone is the master in healing among crystals. The turquoise stone can detoxify the poison, alcohol, and pollution. This gemstone can treat asthma, dental problems, high blood pressure, and infections. 

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