Rainbow Moonstone Embellished Princess Bracelet

This stunning bracelet contains seven Rainbow Moonstones in Princess cut, situated atop Sterling Silver. To many readers of the Ramayana, stones cut in the royal Princess cut recall the most beautiful of all women, Alhaya, wife of Sage Gautama Maharishi. Her beauty was held in such high regard that even Lord Indra became infatuated with her and lay with her unbeknownst to her husband Gautama. After Lord Indra was punished, Alhaya was turned to stone until a brush of Rama’s foot turned her back into human form. We see Alhaya here, however, in that moment before her return to humanity when she radiated her stunning beauty from inside a crystal. It was that same beauty which would lead her to earn the title of Earthy Princess of the Lunar Dynasty.

Exotic India is proud to present this dazzling bracelet in Sterling Silver and Rainbow Moonstone due to the wonderful properties that these two materials embody. Rainbow Moonstone has been in spiritual use for over 2,000 years in India, channeling the mysterious qualities of the moon such as intuition, lucid dreams and the natural rhythms of Nature. Rainbow Moonstone can be used by any individual wanting to dive into a deeper relationship with their own soul and learn what hidden secrets lie there waiting to be revealed. In addition, the Sterling Silver supporting these Rainbow Moonstones has been used to reflect negative energies and to help access difficult emotions. Silver contains and nurtures healthy energies it is given. Order our Rainbow Moonstone Embellished Princess Bracelet now and feel your natural intuition rising up in your soul.

Item Code: JE42
Sterling Silver
Dimensions 8.6" Length
Weight: 30 gm
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