Superfine Sterling Silver Ring with Floral Turquoise Stone

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Bursting with vibrant and vogue prospects, this floral turquoise stone ring is simply fetching. The floral grace of the ring is optimizing embodied with the precious gemstone. Turquoise is a healing stone that purifies the negative energy and protects from the gloomy outside world. 


Turquoise is the sea-green stone it aligns and balances each chakra, promotes inner calm, and sustains mood swings. It is exceptionally good for exhaustion and depression. Turquoise symbolizes tranquility, good fortune, wisdom, hope, and protection. 

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Item Code: LCN15
Sterling Silver
Dimensions 11 MM HEIGHT
Weight: 4 gm
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More than 1M+ customers worldwide

Turquoise is a very effective purification stone. This gemstone provides solace and comfort physically as well as spiritually. The ancients used them as amulets for hope and protection. It is a charismatic stone with a captivating sea-green color outward look that makes the ornaments alluring. 


Turquoise is apprised as a healer stone. This gemstone is considered as the glorious spiritual stones from all over the crystals. It expedites the connection between the spiritual and physical realms that magnify the hidden psychic abilities, bring wisdom and insight and strengthen intuition.


In ancient times it is used to untie the rituals by putting it on the throat that indicates the nullify of old commitments or vows that were no longer needed. It inspires to truly express from the soul without restrictions or prohibitions from the things that are bygone. 


The turquoise stone works as a spiritual balm to the mind and heart that are affected by emotional stress or wounds. The powerful energy of the turquoise stone is outstanding in abolishing emotional and physical exhaustion. Wear this beguiling ring with a floral turquoise stone that will enhance you spiritually that will look enchanting on you. 

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