The Terrestrial Temple of Kali

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Dimensions 24" Length with 3.0" Pendant
Weight: 210 gm
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Shipped to 153 countries
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More than 1M+ customers worldwide
This amulet necklace bears an image of the Great Goddess Kali holding a trident in one and a severed head in the other. The three-pronged trident (trishula) represents her ability to influence the three cosmic processes of creation, preservation, and destruction. The severed head is that of the demon of ignorance, whom the goddess has decapitated.

In Sanskrit literature the term used for such amuletic jewelry is 'kavacha,' meaning protective shield, and central to their use is the idea that wearing such visible adornments makes one all the more qualified to receive the blessings of the deity enshrined within the plaque-pendant. It is not only a statement of commitment to the specific divine presence but also a means which favorably disposes Mother Kali to requests for assistance which her devotees often entreat her with.

Here the principal shape is a square. The square shape represents the phenomenal world which spreads out in four directions. These four directions represent the totality of space which binds the earth in order. In a similar manner a square too has four, equally perfect lines bounding it. Hence this symmetrical shape is taken as the perfect symbol to denote harmony and stabilization. Kali helps us achieve this very rootedness and grounding in our lives.

Kali being the Great Goddess she is, the square shape is not the final gate to access her mysteries. It requires an entry into her inner shrine, the sanctum sanctorum. Thus the inner shrine of Kali is shaped as a five-sided temple, shaped as a peaked-pentagon. This shape was/is typically employed for making amuletic shrines of deities. For some other similarly shaped amulets see below.

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