An Active Canvas

An Active Canvas

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Orissa's Paata Painting
Artist Rabi Behera
Water Color on Patti
35.0" x 7.5"
Pata-Chitra are scroll paintings, existing in various parts of Orissa for a long time. One tends to associate them with the Sri Jagannath pati, because that happens to be most popular. Besides this, there are remarkable varieties of paintings falling under various categories, with pata chitra on different birds and animals being one of them.

This long and narrow scroll has equestrian and pachyderm depictions in different colors, juxtaposed in an amicable manner. Stylistically, the painting sticks to the traditional line; the palette is limited, yet there is a kind of freshness in it. The limbs of all animals are in movement; there seem to be activity on the canvas. The tuskers, despite their size, look calm and gentle. The horses on the other hand, look menacing, with the jaws open and protruding teeth. No animal follows the other, each one going its own way. The painting is interspersed with trees and plants, providing the animals with a habitat.

This description by Renu Rana.

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