The Angel with Fish

The Angel with Fish

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Vinod Bhardwaj never fails to bewitch the onlookers in the charm of his amazing brush strokes. In this painting, he encapsulates an obedient angel whose countenance is blessed with a sleek Greek nose and a deep cupid bow that extends over to its Bonnie Parker lips. His face is adorned with stunning wide and round eyes that are complimented by straight high arch eyebrows contrasting his plump and contoured face. His hair is centrally parted to reveal a bald spot that enhances the charcoal black hair as a plumage of snow white quills rise up in a cylindrical shape to depict a crown which is headed by a yam shaded shell.

The heavenly creature is adorned in sketchy grey pleated stola possessing frilled wrists that go along with the creased chlamys, thus, hanging over his neck like a dupatta, while the upper toga is embellished with miniature water lilies and sunflowers that are wonderfully breathtaking. The majestic divine feathery wings that are plicated in fine folds and are alternatively tinted in hues of dusty chili red and cyber grape purple as they rise and fall with each movement in the thin air with the angel hovering as he lingers over an invisible air cushion. The entrancing being is ornamented in a double-layered brown beaded necklace and his foot is designed in a lovely henna which imitates the wooden brown globules.

A pebble grey albacore tuna with remarkably illustrated fins and a rough body hangs in the delicate hands of the angel as he holds a thin rope that trespasses the fish's mouth. The backdrop is beautified with smooth river washed rocks and pebble stones that couple up with the fantabulous and awestriking floral motifs, emblazoning the canvas. The vibrant shades of steel blue and baby pink tinge the flower petals as lush green painted leaves stick out the brown stick like thin stems, attracting attention with these beautiful multiple plants that creeps up the elegant illustration.

This painting is a perfect reminder of the bounty and splendor of God (in the face of a caught fish) who is the creator of all these divine beings, serving as a motivation towards worship for those who constantly keep wandering for the truth.

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Item Code: MI66
Watercolor on Paper
Artist Vinod Bhardwaj
6.0 inches X 8.2 inches

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