The Cosmic Glamour Of Lord Ganesha

The Cosmic Glamour Of Lord Ganesha

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No lover of devotional art could go wrong with a seated Lord Ganesha composition. The characteristic lalitasana stance, the chaturbhujadhari (four-armed) aspect, and the bowlful of laddoos in one of those hands - this work is in keeping with the popular iconography of Ganesha. What sets this apart, however, is the medium in which it has been executed.

A fine example of watercolour on marble, this Ganesha painting comes alive with a life of its own. Note the lifelike shimmer in the Lord’s eyes as He directs His omniscient gaze upon the devotee. A Shaivite tilaka (forehead tattoo) on the brow. A beautifully adorned trunk that cascades down the front of His torso and curls around a pot of the amrta nectar (akin to the life-giving elixir). The irresistible wheatish complexion and hands and feet executed with a high degree of precision.

Dressed in a dhoti of gold and a saffron-coloured angavastram, the Lord is seated on a velvet-upholstered throne. A matching cushion lies beneath the foot of the pendant leg, while a densely studded crown of gold sits on His head. Smooth marble floors of a heavenly rajagrha (palace) and, in the background, a glimpse of nature at its finest. The undying, cosmic glamour of Lord Ganesha pours forth from this painting.

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Water Color Painting on Marble
4 inches x 5.8 inches
160 gm
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