Devi Kali, The Very Picture Of Bloodlust

Devi Kali, The Very Picture Of Bloodlust

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A Devi of unspeakable beauty dances on a bed of death. Her roopa is like the pregnant dusk of amavasya, Her eyes like glowing embers studded in that soft round countenance. This explains Her name for She is none other than Devi Kali. An expression of unquenchable bloodlust pours forth from Her face. A long tongue has emerged out of the mouth in Her thirst for the adharmee’s blood; together with the wide gaze of Her long-lashed eyes, it is enough to send chills down the spine of the one who displeases Her.

She is tall and has the full, flowing figure of the divine mother. But for the tigerskin loincloth wrapped barely over Her thighs, She is naked. The sheer proportion of gold on Her person befits the most exalted of the heavenly Devis. A headband that holds Her luscious, floor-length hair in place; kundalas that frame Her beauteous face. Chunky bracelets clasping the length of each of Her four arms (She is chaturbhujadhari). Even Her feet are clad in gold and jewels, one of which Her Lord Shiva lovingly clasps as He lies bare beneath Her feet. Note how He gazes upon the ferocity of the Kali-roopa Parvati.

Portentous skies and a line of severed heads constitute the backdrop of this oil. A freshly severed head She grabs by the hair with one hand, its blood still dripping from the scimitar in another.

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Item Code: OU99
Oil Painting on Canvas
Artist: Anup Gomay
36 inch Width X 48 inch Height
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