In the Harem

In the Harem

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Item Code: MF88
Miniature Painting on Paper
Artist Navneet Parikh
13.5" x 10.5"
There is, in the Indian tradition, a philosophical and pragmatic acceptance of the relevance of desire, with eroticism as its natural attribute. The kings and prince's maintained harems inhabited by numerous concubines.

Here a prince is engaged in loveplay with a courtesan while another serves them wine. The ambience fuels eroticism - lamp lit room, flowers, fruits and free flowering wine and a large window opening to scenic beauty. The couple is apparently distracted from their activity by she, who serves them wine endlessly. Both look towards her, smiling, with no offence in their mannerism.

Besides the main protagonists, the artist has not ignored other elements. The architecture, the carvings, the wall mats and the drapery go to make an interesting background. The foreground is not forgotten either: it is strewn with bolsters, wine casket and cups, a hookah and other items to delight the senses, the whole composition is bound within a floral border.

This description by Renu Rana.

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