Indian Royalty (Set Of Two Paintings)

Indian Royalty (Set Of Two Paintings)

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The way of life of Indian royalty of the yesteryears, of a time when hard power and literal plenty were things they could take for granted, is a popular subject of art to this day. While the descendants of royalty hold sway over large swathes of society today, their past life is idealised and romanticised in ways that could be gleaned from these paintings. A stately king and queen have been portrayed in all the glamour of their time, each in a frame of their own.

From their costumes - shimmering silks and powerful pastels, the style of turban on that kingly head - they seem to be provincial rulers of some Deccan pocket. The queen is clad in an elaborate three-piece ensemble, which became popular with Indian women post the phase of Northwestern invasions, which dates the sovereignty of this couple from the late 1800s (the South has been slow to catch up to the influences of the invaders, including fashion and notions of feminine modesty).

It is the backdrop of each painting that betrays the charm and gravity of regal life and living. High ceilings held up by super-smooth marble pillars. Luxuriant velvet curtains with brocaded edges. A teakwood piano, indicative of kingly indulgences. Warm carpets and a fireplace that never stops burning, signs of unrivalled affluence. All these set off the invincible stance of the king and his queens dignified bearing.

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Item Code: OW16
Oil on Canvas
Artist - Anup Gomay
36 inch x 59 inch - King
36 inch x 59 inch - Queen
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