The Life Journey of Love

The Life Journey of Love

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Saurabh Bharara's paintings mainly focuses on the elements of surrealism and abstractionism in his art. In this painting, he encapsulates the four stages of love which he describes firstly as a phase of questioning or denial which advances to acceptance and falling in love. This is followed by the insecurities and distrust part that induces evil games between the couple and finally cheating that comes from a third person outside their relationship.

Artistically, he has portrayed this intricate concept by etching the face of a young man toned in a sand color with monolid grey lensed eyes, a thin sleek nose and glossy watermelon pink lips that are contrasted by his amazingly shaded thin eyebrows. However, his face is alternatively shaded in natural and black and white colors which are characterized by bleach white and greyish black tints. Each quadrant features an illustration that goes along with the universal concept of love. The first one is drawn with a pink tinged man dressed in a suit whose busy contemplating as a protruding question mark hovers over his head. The second square has a greyish white ballerina who dances on a checkered floor. The third quadrant features a chess board that accompanies a queen giving a check to the king and lastly even though the king and the queen are on the same team but they are distant and a white bishop gives a check to the king.

This painting turns out to be a complicated and aesthetic piece which is distinctive in nature and a wonder to witness. It turns out to be a perfect carving of fineness which is the best ornamental match for your living room walls.

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Item Code: OT03
Oil Painting on Canvas
Artist: Saurabh Bharara
48.0 inch X 36.0 inch
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