Lord Ganesha's Ecstatic Dance

Lord Ganesha's Ecstatic Dance

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A perfect example of a Madhubani art style, this painting of Lord Ganesha’s ecstatic dance has all the features of a Madhubani style of painting. This form of art originated from Bihar, from the village Mithila and is characterized by the depiction of figures inspired by nature and mythology. This Madhubani folk art depicts Ganesha dancing on the floral carpet, representing him as governing the Muladhara chakra and his sacred vahana, mooshak, sits in obeisance to his Lord. In Madhubani art, none of the areas is left empty and the spaces are mostly filled with tiny floral motifs and geometric patterns.

Keeping the basic features of this art in mind, the painter has covered the entire background with a large tree grown on one side and has its branches extending towards the other. All the branches are richly flooded with small leaves painted here in geometric black lines and multiple peacocks perched on them. One of the most enticing aspects of this painting is that inspite of being heavily loaded with multiple designs, the painter has successfully managed to make the protagonist stand out by choosing for a bright red bright coloured stole that majorly catches the attention of the viewer against a dull coloured background.

Chaturbhujadhari Ganesha carries all the basic implements of his iconography in his hands and the trunk curls towards his mouth as he eats his favourite laddoo from the bowl. The happiness that he feels from the sweet smell of that laddoo makes him dance in joy. The prominent outlining of Ganesha’s figure and his bulging eye is an iconic style of Madhubani painting. Every design in the painting is decorated with geometric patterns or tiny motifs. The use of bright colours in this Ganesha Madhubani painting lets you style your wall space in a creative and royal touch.


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Madhubani Painting on Hand Made Paper, Folk Painting from the Village of Madhubani (Bihar)
20.0 inch X 28.0 inch
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