Lord Rama Tanjore Painting | Traditional Colors With 24K Gold | Teakwood Frame | Handmade

Lord Rama Tanjore Painting | Traditional Colors With 24K Gold | Teakwood Frame | Handmade

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Infused with vivid traditional South Indian color combinations and overlaid by 24 Karat, this Tanjore painting portrays Maryada Purushottam Ramachandra. He appeared on the earth to attract the lost and ignorant souls toward God-consciousness and taught them to live their lives according to Dharma. Since He is the Supreme Personality of Godhead, He remains above the modes of material nature, and with His inconceivable potencies, He only revealed His identity to His associates and devotees. To date, the teachings of the wonderful pastimes of Lord Rama (Ramayana) are studied and learned, which help us remain absorbed in His lotus feet and execute our responsibilities and duties in accordance with the principles of Dharma. 

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26.00 inch Height X 20.00 inch Width X 3.00 inch Depth
7.60 kg

A great warrior, a faithful son, a valiant King, a dutiful husband, and a loving brother, Lord Ram, is depicted in this painting in a wonderful way. He stands straight yet humble with His mother Kaushalya and father Dasharatha. Dasharatha was the King of Ayodhya and Kaushalya, his first wife. They both loved their son Ram with all their heart. Lord Ram was very loyal to His parents, friends, and brothers. This is the reason why He was loved the most in the whole of Ayodhya. Clad in a pitambar dhoti and adorned with several glittering ornaments on His self-effulgent body, He appears just like the glowing sun. Lord Ram being Vishnu tattva, is depicted here in His four-armed form, holding the Panchajanya Conch shell and the divine Sudarshan Chakra in His two upper arms. With His lower right hand, He holds a full-blown lotus flower (represents purity) and with the left hand He holds a mace. On His strong shoulder, He carries the divine bow Saranga and arrow which are the symbol of His great strength. Maharaj Dasharatha being a great father of the greatest Lord Ram stands with ecstasy and Maa Kaushalya in great affection folds her hands and pays her respectful obeisance.


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