Newlywed With Apricot

Newlywed With Apricot

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A young woman reins in her silken pallu over a soft, round shoulder. She is married (hints of vermillion on the mid-brow and the parting of her hair) and, from the flush on those smooth wheatish cheeks, newly so. She glances sideways, her head tilted every so slightly in an attempt to prolong the view she has of her departing husband. As a result of this subtle, involuntary gesture, the miniscule pearls on her gold jhumka begin to graze her delicate jawline.

What a beauteous bride she must have been. The colours and styles she is wearing right now are in keeping with newlywed fashion. A gold-bordered saree of deep scarlet silk. Brilliant glass bangles of dark green colour, held together by a wristlet of gold. A clutch of necklaces - pearls, rubies, et al - could be seen upon the exposed part of her decolletage. Her choli is the colour of crushed oranges, which almost blends into the sweet texture and complexion of her skin. The most lifelike aspect of this oil is her thick black mane, the way it spreads about her shoulders and the locks gather over her brow.

Her face is characterised by soft definition set off by no makeup. Her red-rimmed eyes are set beneath a fair brow. The same descends into a small nose adorned with a bejewelled stud that spills over onto a plump, petal-like lip, to which she is going to raise that apricot any moment now.

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Oil Painting on Canvas
24.0 inches X 35.0 inches
Woman is the inspiration behind poetry, painting and the highest achievements in artistic creation. This painting employing the medium of oil on canvas is romantic in tone and suffused with feelings. The woman, with all her seductive appeal is an exotic vision of beauty. The female form selected by the artist is the ample, full grown, Rubenesque kind which is also urban in its culture. Since beauty is the chief focus of erotic attraction, the woman has a soft, sensuous look on her face. Every movement and expression is inviting the viewer to come and fall in love with her. The noticeable feature being that this has an emotional impact as well. This is an example of academic realism fused with body sensuality, enlivened with a judicious dose of pomp and circumstance.

The woman's peaches and cream complexion is complemented by her well-defined features. The eyes beneath well-shaped eyebrows, hold a dreamy and languid expression. They seem gentle and yet bold, the eyelids heavy with desire. Her long tassels cascade over her back. A stray tendril escapes to stand out on her forehead. The hair is pushed back behind the ears to reveal soft lobes adorned with stone and gold jewelry which is typical of Malayali tradition. Her straight aristocratic nose holds a ring which falls arduously over her lips. The smile holds mystery. A little shading below the lips gives the impression of a well-rounded chin. The dot (bindi) on her forehead, instead of averting the evil eye, turn all eyes on her.

Not only does she possess an exquisite face, but also a disarming body language. Her hand movement is well thought of. The way she holds the fruit, says more than what it depicts; she is as ripe as the fruit. The second hand holds the end of her sari, which is falling off her shoulder. What seduces the viewer is the unwillingness with which she is pulling it up. The action is careful, but seemingly casual. The kinds of folds formed at the left elbow show the tactile quality and the texture of the fabric. It is soft and silky as in a coarse material, the fold are bigger and wide apart. The red of the sari is well contrasted with the yellow of the blouse. The green bangles offset the contrast and add brightness.

No part of her anatomy is exposed, but the look and gestures reveal a whole lot of passion and sensuality.

The sombre and dull background helps in giving the portrait a closer perspective. The warm colors i.e. reds and yellows catapults it even closer.

As a composition, the painting is a triumph in the use of formal pattern without sacrificing the loveliness of the moment it has sought to capture. It truly is a homage to feminine grace, charm and seductive allure.

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