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A masterpiece in his own, Kailash Raj has worked his magic again with this valuable piece as he encapsulates a violent Mughal punishment scene yet portrays it beautifully. A porcelain complexioned man with a Verdi beard and closed eyes is crucified over a pronged wooden board that extends down to show a window like rectangular piece carved in maroon Arabic writings. He is appareled in a faun and bleach white tunic, etched with fine Arabic calligraphy that reveals his pale shin as his shoulder succumbs to the sharp spear's attack, oozing with scarlet blood which sprays itself all over him.

He is attacked by a total of ten different complexioned Mughal men whilst his legs are held down by only two if them. All the geezers are dressed in vibrant Mughal jamas and indic turbans that droop backwards. They attack the guilty man in various ways, be it an AK-47 like Enfield cartridge gun or a stabbing sword even including the protruding arrows and the violent spears. This agonizing moment is framed in a lovely six layered rectangular frame that is hued in Yale blue, light brown and a dusty golden color and is festooned with stunning floral motifs that are finely painted in yellow to contrast the sage tinted background.

In the Mughal period, this punishment was known as impaling. In simple words, it meant to kill a political criminal, who was charged with governmental treason, with various weapons mostly spears whilst he was crucified on a cross-like structure. The painter has exquisitely entranced us in the melancholic charm of this illustration, making it one of our favorites and driving us to buy this amazing beauty.

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Item Code: MG98
Watercolor on Paper
Artist: Kailash Raj
13.6 inches X 10.4 inches

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