Radha and Krishna Engrossed in Love

Radha and Krishna Engrossed in Love

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The divine love of Radha and Krishna is one of the most popular forms of love in the entire Hindu pantheon. Rabi Behera by his professional skills and creative throw of colors has water colored this alluring Pattachitra folk art depicting the immense love of Lord Krishna and Radha, with the two enwrapped in each other’s arms in that pure bond of love and friendship. Lord Krishna stands with the legs crossed in Tribhanga posture and hands holding his beloved with extreme warmth and love. While Radha has her legs placed at Krishna’s alternate spaces and seem to fall in the Lord’s hands, suggestive of her complete trust and faith towards Krishna.

The artist has used an amazing contrast of varied colors while painting their garbs. Krishna is adorned in a yellow dhoti decorated with horizontal red, green and white strips along with the complementing red and green stoles and Radha is all garbed in the graceful silks of a designer red dhoti and a contrasting blue blouse. The divine beauty of the deities is clearly expressive from their facial features, having the large wide-open eyes filled with extreme love for each other and the red lips smiling in ecstasy. Both Radha and Krishna are embellished with the rich gold jewels and the long multiple layered Krishna’s crown is suggestive of his royalty.

The yellow and blue hued plumage of Radha and Krishna is suggestive of their iconic fair and dark skin tone respectively. Krishna’s holy cow, Surabhi stands behind them and this love bond is framed in a temple structure beautified by exotic color combinations and brush strokes. Having this colorful Radha and Krishna Pattachitra folk art hung on any empty wall is a great piece of attraction and ornamentation that has its sole presence enough to charm the eyes. The white background accentuates the formation and beauty of every design and color in the best possible ways.

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Water Color Painting on Patti Folk Art From The Temple Town Puri (Orissa)
Artist: Rabi Behera
12.2 inches x 18.3 inches
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