Radha-Krishna With The Milkmaids In A Particularly Romantic Glade

Radha-Krishna With The Milkmaids In A Particularly Romantic Glade

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Radha devotes herself to the love and service of Her Lord and beloved Krishna. She is on all fours before Him, making an offering of a handpicked bud that She holds up to His face. He in turn looks straight into Her eyes, draws Her closer to Himself by Her necklace. He is seated in lalitasana on a mound of rock beneath the kadamba tree, a symbol of enduring romance in Indian iconography and practically ubiquitous in the iconography of Krishna. On the other hand He holds the all-important murali (flute), without which His iconography would be incomplete. In fact, the iconography of the Lord would be incomplete without the gopis (Vrindavan milkmaids) who surround the amorous couple, each more charming than the other. They all unconditionally love Krishna as well as the object of His love, Radha. Note how His body language is of one who knows that He is lord and master over them all.

Besides the abundance of youthful women, the painting is replete with romantic imagery. A small pond dotted with bulrushes in the foreground, long-necked swans playing about in its bosom. In the background, the curvaceous shoots of coconut trees and thick-canopied banana plants. Miniscule wisps of clouds floating in the heavens behind them all. Note the identical halos around the heads of the lovers and how lovingly they look into each other’s faces.

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