Riverbank Solitude

Riverbank Solitude

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A young lady enjoys the solitude afforded to her by the riverbank. She had stepped out of her parents’ home with a retinue of guardians employed to ensure her safety and well-being, but they had been too tired to keep up with her after a point. So she had left them at a distance and sprinted forth, straight to the mouth of the river. Its ice-blue currents are now streaming past her naked feet, as the breeze from the surrounding Sahyadris are swirling about her. In ecstasy, she has stripped the dupatta off to give as much of herself as she could to the strong winds.

Clearly she is the daughter of a landowning aristocrat. She is dressed in a sumptuous silk lehenga coated with ample gold brocade. A necklace of rubies and emeralds graces her smooth neck and gorgeous glass bangles jingle at her delicate wrists. An expression of pure bliss characterises her plump, youthful face. Her thick black tresses are let loose against the ardour of the breeze she so loves.

The hills in the background feature a diverse yet natural colour palette, probably owing to the perennial fog that descends on the Western Ghats. Note how the pale, barely-there infusion of colour in the skies betrays the dawn.

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Item Code: OW27
Oil Painting on Canvas
Artist: Anup Gomay
24.00 inch x 36.00 inch
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