Severed Head Goddess Chinnamasta

Severed Head Goddess Chinnamasta

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This water color paper painting by Kailash Raj portrays the ferocious Tantric Goddess of Hinduism, Goddess Chinnamasta seated half naked on her royal throne; depicted in her blue hue with tinges of red as the iconic painting of a deity, adorned lavishly in precious pearls and gold jewels. She is the self-decapitated goddess or the one with the severed head symbolizing self control on sexual desires, self destructing fury and outrageous divinity.

Chinnamasta is worshiped mostly in Northern India and Nepal, so recognized by Hindus as one of the ten Mahavidyas and Buddhists as the Tibetan Goddess Vajrayogini; an aspect of Devi, who is a life-giver as well as a life-taker, carries her chopped head (crowned graciously) in one hand and the other holds the sword. Framed by thick double border of red color and floral chain respectively in the perfect environment of a stormy sky, well trimmed green grass along the clear waters of the lake having a beautiful full bloom lotus in the centre, surrounded by pairs of yet-to-bloom lotus buds.

The deity here is being worshipped by her four female disciples attired in a similar half naked form, like that of Goddess Chinnamasta with the priest performing his rituals of mantras. This mural portrays a rare depiction of Chinnamasta, where she is being worshipped and modelled in lively expressions rather than her ferocious form.

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Item Code: HO76
Water Color Painting on Paper
Artist: Kailash Raj
8 inches X 9 inches
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