Tibetan Buddhist Saviour Goddess White Tara

Tibetan Buddhist Saviour Goddess White Tara

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White Tara, the saviour goddess arose from a tear of Avalokiteshvara, which fell upon the earth and transformed into a lake. Out of its water grew a lotus from which the goddess emerged. The goddess white Tara is the image of purity and symbolizes transcendent wisdom. She is associated with longevity and cures various physical and mental ailments.

Her pleasant and peaceful appearance generates the vibes of calmness and positivity. She has a beautiful smiling face that radiates tranquillity and bliss. Her right hand extends across the right knee in the mudra that denotes generosity and in her left hand that she holds to the heart a stem of the Utpala lotus flower with three blossoms. One is showcased as seed, a second one is about to bloom and the third one is in full bloom. All these represent past, future, and present of Lord Buddha. She has seven eyes, three on her face, one on each palm of the hands and feet symbolizing her kind vigilance to see all the sufferings of mankind. She wears a gold tiara, earrings, and anklets along with colorful garments. She sits in Vajra posture on top of the moon disc and multi-colored lotus flower.

The landscape around the goddess is idyllic. The picturesque lake is surrounded by mountains. The different offerings are kept in front of the goddess. White Tara, goddess of compassion is just like a mother to her children. She quickly fulfills wishes, grant happiness and long life to her devotees.

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Tibetan Thangka Painting
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