The Victorious Devi Mahishasuramardini

The Victorious Devi Mahishasuramardini

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A lot of batik paintings feature the Devi theme. The style of waxed-and-dyed folk painting originates in the eastern part of the subcontinent, where the Devi ideal holds great importance. The personality of the Devi Mahishasuramardini is an especially revered one - the image of the dashabhujadhari (ten-armed) Mother Durga piercing the chest of Mahishasura (buffalo-demon) with Her trident.

This batik composition features a colour palette that is characteristically vivid. The mandapa that houses the central Devi figure is painted with brilliant orange brushstrokes, such that it gives off a realistic dimensional effect. A deep blackness permeates the space within, which is the colour of sattvaguna. The gaze of the Devi Mahishasuramardini has all the determination and invincibility of the wife of Lord Shiva, as She clutches the vanquished Mahishasura by the hair. Note the severed head of his vahana, the buffalo, lying at Her feet.

There are plenty of giveaways in this composition when it comes to its delta-style handiwork. The broad, multi-spired crown; the white and red saree draped after typical Bengali fashion; and the pastel-coloured chaandmala (garland of moons) that She holds in one of Her hands. Hints of green and red and strategic infusions of white add to the glamour of this painting.

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Batik Painting On Cotton
35.0 inch x 46.0 inch
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