16" Bhishajyaguru In Blue (Tibetan Buddhist Deity) in Brass | Handmade | Made In India

16" Bhishajyaguru In Blue (Tibetan Buddhist Deity) in Brass | Handmade | Made In India

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The monk that heals all: Lord Bhaishajyaguru is steeped in profound samadhi (yogic contemplation). A robe of glistening Prussian blue goes over one shoulder, brought down the other. At once it sets off and contrasts with the glamorous golden complexion of His princely form. The red-coloured inlaid trim and the minimalist filigree motifs brings out the beauty of the Bhaishajyaguru’s robe.

Popularly known as the Medicine Buddha, He nestles in the belly of a gigantic lotus bloom. The seat beneath Him is the same shade of blue as His robe. Petals of matching blue colour, with soft, golden centres, are embossed along the sides. The colour blue is an integral part of the iconography of Bhaishajyaguru. It invokes the soothing, healing qualities associated with both the colour and the deity who wears it.

But for the blue of the robe and lotus, and the bits of multicoloured inlay, the lustrous golden colour of pure brass predominates the colour palette of this composition. It becomes the grave composure of Bhaishajyaguru’s countenance, the princely physique upon which its rests, and all-important pot of elixir and myrobalan in His hands.

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Brass with Inlay Statue
16.5 inch Height x 11.7 inch Width x 8.5 inch Depth
10.20 kg
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