18" Inlay Statue of White Tara (Tibetan Buddhist Deity) | Brass | Handmade | Made In India

18" Inlay Statue of White Tara (Tibetan Buddhist Deity) | Brass | Handmade | Made In India

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White Tara, the goddess of compassion, cares for her offspring as a mother would. She brings her devotees happiness and long life by quickly granting their wishes. Tibetans specifically pray to White Tara for health, healing, and longevity. She heals our wounds, whether they are physical or psychological in form. Some regard her as the original Tara, and she is the female consort of Amoghasiddhi, one of the "self-born" Buddha. She is depicted seated in Padmasana on a lotus throne with her right leg dangling as if she is ready to leap. She has adored gold and silver jewels and is shown in Varada and Vitarka mudras. Her long amber-gold hair falls on her shoulder as she sits with her eyes half shut. She symbolizes transcendence knowledge and perfect purity.

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Item Code: ZBU93
Brass Statue with Inlay
18.5 inch Height x 14.7 inch Width X 12 inch Depth
9.90 kg

White Tara is holding a vajra in her hand and painted eye in the palms of her hand. Each aspect of the White Tara form and figure has been carved with extreme care and perfection. White Tara merits helping overcome negativities and bad karmic potentials, healing and maintaining health. It is a stunning combination of brass and inlay work entwined with coral, yellow topaz, and turquoise stone. She is gilded in amber gold and gems, making it a superb and uncommon collectable piece.

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