31" Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara, Coppery Finish In Brass | Handmade | Made In India

31" Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara, Coppery Finish In Brass | Handmade | Made In India

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A brass sculpture of substantial proportions. A coppery finish with statment, earthy overtones in places. A calming image of the compassionate Bodhisattva, His multitudinous heads gathered around and atop the sammukhi (front-facing) one. He is Lord Avalokiteshvara, the deity of infinite and boundlessly flowing compassion. Resident of the paralokiya Mount Patola, beloved of the truly devoted in ihaloka.

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Brass Statue
31.50 inch Height X 14.50 inch Width x 6.70 inch Depth
5.40 kg

On a lotus pedestal stands the finest Bodhisattva of the Mahayana pantheon. He has ten limbs (dashabhujadhari - one possessed of ten arms) indicative of His infinite number of limbs, and nine heads indicative of His infinite number of heads. Legend has it that no sooner had he taken a quick glance at ihaloka, the suffering and sabotage prevailing herein, than His head split into countless pieces because of the keen compassion of His heart. Thus was birthed the roopa (manifestation) of Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara, captured to perfection in this composition.

A short dhoti, legs flanked by sashes. Janeu, symbolic of His superb pedigree, and bracelets along the length of each of His arms. Weapons and elements of cosmic significance in each of those hands. Karnakundalas dangling from every pair of the Bodhisattva’s lengthened earlobes, flanking a composure so sweet, so irresistible, that it is impossible for the devotee to turn away from Him.

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