8" Folk Musicians, Set Of Four Female Figurines In Brass | Handmade | Made In India

8" Folk Musicians, Set Of Four Female Figurines In Brass | Handmade | Made In India

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Music is an integral aspect of life in rural India. Given how vast the subcontinent is, a wide variety of folk music has emerged from its numerous rural pockets. The ensemble that you see on this page depicts a band of four young ladies practicing the music that stems from their roots. Two of them are playing string instruments, one of which features a swan sculpture at the end of its long neck (these are rudimentary versions of the veena, a classical Indian instrument). The remaining two are playing a wind instrument and a percussion instrument, respectively.

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Brass Statue
8.50 inch Height X 8.00 inch Width x 7.00 inch Depth - avg size
17.60 kg

These four musicians are from the same village or at least from neighboring villages. Having grown together in pursuit of the art that binds them, they now rival each other in terms of beauty and charm. They are seated with their legs gathered afore them, their super-short dhotis revealing rather than concealing the gorgeous musculature. A wisp of golden-colored fabric is wound around the torso and brought over the left shoulder, cut so low that it exposes a vital part of the bosom. With their gigantic karnakundalas and necklaces and the clasps of adornment on their supple limbs, each of these musicians are the very Roopa of the quintessential Hindu Devi.

A blissful composure characterizes their countenance. Half-shut eyes, a subtle smile on the corners of their lotus-shaped mouths. Their torsos are swaying delicately to the music of their instruments. A series of dynamic figurines, such an ensemble would be a superb addition to the decor of any tasteful home.

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