The Affectionate Ganesha

The Affectionate Ganesha

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White Marble Sculpture
11.5 inches X 9.5 inches X 6.0 inches
9.4 kg

This is the popular Hindu god Ganesha, the deity of auspicious beginnings who is also worshipped by Buddhists and Jains alike. His unique characteristic is the elephant's head on an otherwise human body. The boyishness of this lovable deity is conveyed by his chubby physique and playful behavior which includes using his active trunk to scoop up sweetmeats, of which he is inordinately fond.

His second left hand holds a noose, to rein in those who stray away from the path of Dharma. The upper right hand holds a lotus, the symbol of purity; while the lower one makes the Abhaya Mudra (gesture granting fearlessness). Ganesha's large ears open up like two winnows framing his face at the two ends.

Inner bliss reflecting on Ganesha's face, contentment and absolute ease define the mood and demeanor of the great Lord. There reigns on his face not only benign sublimity, but also great composure and affection, reflected in his eyes. Truly a great homage to this beloved god by the sculptor.


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