The Archetypal Dance of Shiva

The Archetypal Dance of Shiva

Item Code: RF44
Brass Sculpture with Copper and Silver Inlay
11.2" X 6.6" X 3.2"
2.4 kg
Shiva is the great cosmic dancer, Natesha, who resides in the hearts and minds of his devotees, generating the rhythm of life. Creation of various dance elements viz. gait, gesture, expression and posture, are all credited to Shiva.

With his legs bent at the knees, feet placed outwards, Shiva lifts his left foot at the heel to complete an elegant lower body posture. The front two hands are held in a graceful dancing posture. In his right hand Shiva holds a rattle drum (damaru) that makes the final sound of death, and produces the primeval reverberation of life. In his left hand, he holds the fire that burns and destroys yet illuminates and energises.

Shiva, in this brass image, wears a tall crown that adds to the elegance of his pose; also wears a short lion cloth, which does not conceal the movement of his limbs; the waist cloth flying, on either side reflect the swiftness of his body movements. The image placed on a three tier pedestal is a perfect picture of metallic beauty.

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