Ashtamangala Prayer Wheel On Interlocked Vajra Stand

Ashtamangala Prayer Wheel On Interlocked Vajra Stand

The prayer wheel occupies pride of place in Buddhist cultures all over the world. It is to be found in homes and monasteries as well as walls that line random streets and alleyways, so integral is its role in ihalokiya life. The prayer in question is the quintessential aum-manipadme-hum, the six Sanskrt syllables that encapsulates all of life and being as we experience it. To turn a prayer wheel is to have recited this moolamantra (fundamental chant) and earned the meritorious sanskaras that come with it.

The prayer wheel that you see on this page is an auspicious work of art. It is made from a mix of copper, an elite medium in the Nepalese sculptural tradition, and brass, which is further overlain with cobalt blue and scarlet inlay. It is a finely fashioned number with a stoopa-like zenith and an interlocked vajra stand. Zoom in on each aspect of this prayer wheel to appreciate the precision and symmetry with which each detail has been introduced into the work.

The body of the prayer wheel is resolved into two panels. The upper one is embossed with ashtamangala motifs, the lower one with the moolamantra punctuated by ashtamangala motifs. The smaller panels that separate the two and hem the same along the outer edges are defined by high-precision filigree that adds to the ethos of the composition.

Item Code: ER73
Copper and Brass with Inlay Statue
16 inch Height x 7.5 inch Width x 7.5 inch Depth
4 kg
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