Superfine Bhagawan Ganesha Seated on Lotus | Jade Gemstone Statue


This royal jade Ganesha statue is a majestic embodiment of the Hindu god of prosperity and good fortune. The imperial green hue of the jade accentuates Ganesha's royalty, while the Prabhavali (fiery arch) that surrounds him symbolizes creation, preservation, and fiery dissolution. Above Ganesha sits Maha-kala, the god of time.


Ganesha is mostly associated with prosperity and good fortune. The jade used to carve this statue is also prized in that term, as it is believed to promote creativity, innovation, and problem-solving. Known as the "dream stone," jade is also said to foster a calm and focused mind.

Item Code: ZEP370
Jade Gemstone
Height: 27 inch
Width: 8.2 inch
Depth: 14.5 inch
Weight: 54.94 kg
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