Cement Woolen Stole from Amritsar with Traditional Kullu Motifs

Cement Woolen Stole from Amritsar with Traditional Kullu Motifs

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What would we call a stunning stole that perfectly showcases India’s history culture? A piece of a true souvenir! This hand-embroidered stole has its birthplace set in stone - Amritsar, where it was embellished in the Kullu motif that elevates the charismatic beauty of the stole. Made with perfection and utilizing the skills of experts artisans who’ve mastered their craft through rich experience, this stole surpasses the norms of beauty standards of layering and adds a touch of grace, sophistication, and elegance to all your outfits.

Item Code: SWS70
Pure Wool
28 in. x 78 in.

Put together an exquisite piece for your winter days, this stole blooms with a breathtaking view of the subtle cement color so it can complement the simplest and loudest of traditional wear. 

Pair this stunning piece of stole with your on our next winter with your goddess energy and reimburse yourself in the timeless Indian culture. In the realms of historic embroidery work, this stole seems to stand out, making sure you turn heads as you walk past. 

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