Madder-Brown Kalamkari Pure Cotton Saree from Telangana with Hand-Painted Kathakali Faces

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This Saree, a mesmerising creation from the heartlands of Telangana, will take you to a realm of eternal charm. Crafted from pure cotton with passion and finesse, each fold tells a tale of tradition and artistry. The rich hues of madder-brown convey warmth and refinement, while the extensive Kalamkari artistry adds a touch of mystique. Kalamkari is a traditional Indian art style characterised by hand-painted or block-printed cotton fabrics utilising natural dyes.


Adorned with “Hand-Painted Kathakali Faces,” this masterpiece transcends mere fabric, embodying cultural richness and narrative depth. The pallanquin of the bride symbolises a journey of love and union, etched delicately amidst vibrant hues. Practical but immensely meaningful, it is great for ceremonial occasions, infusing grace and heritage into every movement. Wrap yourself in legacy, clothe yourself in tales - this saree is a celebration of tradition and artistic mastery.

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Item Code: GAH786
Pure Cotton
Weight: 490 gm
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